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The Business Model

We don't sell boxes or software - and we don't ever sell direct to your customers.

The Technology

- Unlimited Offsite, Out-of-Region Storage Using Amazon's S3 Replicated Data Centers
- Turn-key Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) Support Using an Agent

- Works with Existing Windows & Mac Environments using SMB/CIFS Shares
- Comprehensive Job Scheduling and Retention Policies
- Active Directory Enabled for User Authentication and Easy Account Setup
- Policy-Based Distributed Storage Management Assures Latest Copy Available On-Site
- Tree View and Search Navigation for All Files and Jobs
- All Data is Encrypted - Locally, When Transmitted, and Offsite
- Secure Web Interface for Anywhere Administration and Access
- Integrated Reporting, Event Notification, and Management Services

All at a flat monthly fee to you.  No hidden costs.  No equipment to buy. No sales quota requirements.  The Digisense System puts the intelligence of data management locally in our Onsite Manager which allows you to provide offsite storage using Amazon S3 at 5% the normal cost.

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Why Digisense?

We've designed our system specifically for Managed Services Providers (MSPs) so you can quickly deliver value to your customers.

-- Turnkey system for data management at a flat monthly fee

-- Unlimited offsite capacity

-- Comprehensive security model

-- Easy to remotely manage

-- Integrates with existing management consoles

-- Pay-as-you-go

-- Low-cost, secure off-site storage by Amazon

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