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In the Internet information age, it’s all about service.

Digisense, Inc. (www.digisenseinc.com) is a Silicon Valley start-up company focused

on providing secure data management services–backup, archiving, and recovery–to the small-to-medium size business (SMB) market.  Digisense reaches this market through managed service providers (MSPs), which are companies that manage information technology (IT) for other companies via the Internet.  By utilizing “best of breed” technology resources, including Amazon’s S3 web services, and open source modules, Digisense delivers a web service solution combined with an onsite appliance.  Digisense’s product line provides MSPs with the ability to offer an enterprise grade yet cost effective (pay-as-you-go) suite of data center services to their customer base.

The Market Opportunity and the Rise of the Service Economy

Over the last several years, there has been a sea change in demand for secure data management especially from SMB professional service firms.  Today businesses with 5-99 employees comprise a $ 73 billion IT market, according to Forrester Research. These businesses don’t have IT departments or even dedicated staffers. And, most are using technology such as tape backup for data storage which increases risk and management complexity. 

At the same time new regulatory compliance laws (Sarbanes/Oxley, HIPAA) mandate improved data management and reporting on the part of businesses both large and small. These trends have presented a major market opportunity and have driven demand for managed services.  The other powerful market driver has been the ability to deliver applications (storage and computing applications) via the web:  cloud computing.  Today, the needs of the enterprise are moving rapidly to the SMB market as they struggle to manage their digital data securely and reliably while running their day-to-day core business. Every business executive knows someone who has either lost or leaked critical data.   Demands for ubiquitous data security and archiving--to name just two needs—are no longer solely the purview of large enterprise companies.  Tax accountants, dentists and doctors also must have the same datacenter capabilities as, say, IBM. Yet, up until recently, the cost and complexity of off-site data archiving and retrieval for the small business owner has been prohibitive and slow.

Business Model

Digisense charges the MSP a fixed monthly rate for the appliance just as the MSP charges their customers a flat monthly rate.  There are no upfront or other hidden charges for the MSP from Digisense.  With the appliance installed, the MSP is up and running with new data management capabilities for SMBs in less than two hours. The MSP maintains complete control of the data by directly contracting with Amazon’s web services.

Digisense offers several appliances starting at 250 gigabytes of storage up to 1.5 terabyte. Digisense’s ability to deliver the best of the tech ecosystem in a flexible, pay-as-you-go package presents a compelling and more reliable offering for small businesses and creates a lucrative service offering for MSPs.

The Digisense Approach

In 2006, Amazon launched S3, “Simple, Storage Service” for the Internet.  It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers.  Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time from anywhere in the web. Digisense offers MSPs a turn-key system that stores data at a customer’s site before uploading it for long-term storage in “data vaults” at Amazon’s enormous, durable and inexpensive server farms. 

Digisense adds a comprehensive security model, including automated key management, strong encryption, and patent-pending data management capabilities that ensure data integrity and confidentiality. 

The Digisense appliance resides at the customer site where the customer or the MSP can efficiently manage data and application backup, archiving and retrieval.  Using its rapid restore architecture, the appliance combines the best features of managed offsite storage with the performance of a local network device. (Refer to Digisense Appliance Data Sheet for more technical specifics).

This simple yet technically powerful device bridges the gap between the data source and the data center. Even more important, Digisense has architected its product to provide the best of both proximity and cloud computing worlds—i.e.:  rapid data recovery onsite coupled with secure remote backup.  Others in the market focus on one or the other but not both.

In the case of a disaster (fires, earthquakes, floods, etc.), the device ensures that the data is backed up out-of-region.  If the server fails, the device ensures the most recent information is rapidly available for immediate recovery.

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